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SUB Support: Let’s get you Subbing! Please refer to our Support Checklist for step-by-step instruction to have your refinery analyzed as soon as possible.

  • Current Wait Time: See EXPECTED WAIT TIMES
  • Only utilize this repair system after SUB Support has given approval
  • The SUB Support Repairs item does not guarantee successful repair of your existing item. If your item cannot be repaired, part of this Repair Order will go towards your Upgrade
  • Not required for components currently under Warranty *

* = Please note you will be required to show Proof of Purchase and ID matching your SST# / RMA# to be moved to Warranty claims.


Please read our Support Checklist for complete Shipping instructions. SubCulture Inc. begins Return Processing on your order 2-3 Business Days after receiving.

  • User pays initial shipping
  • SubCulture pays for shipment after Analysis. We pay for 1 shipment of either:
    • Your original components, OR
    • Upgrade components when available


Current Time: Approx. 1 Month

We appreciate your patience – the displayed period is an approximation based on current estimates. SubCulture Inc. cannot guarantee Return Times. Please refer to our Support Checklist so we may process your Return as efficiently as possible.


Some SUBLIMATORĀ® components are no longer available for purchase. Legacy Items are official refinery pieces that are no longer manufactured and thus cannot be repaired or replaced by standard means. We will always recommend a way to get you Subbing regardless.

If you are unsure of your current components, please contact Support so we may assist you further.

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