Media Kit

Media Kit

Welcome to our Media Section!

This area is made for quick commercial use of SUBLIMATOR® trademarked images. We provide our logos in SVG format for the highest quality appearance across all platforms, HOWEVER, these formats are not permitted for any adaptations unless given written consent by SUBCULTURE Inc.

By using this Media Kit, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of our licencing. Your permitted usage of SUBLIMATOR® images may be discontinued for any reason whatsoever depending on internal review.


SUBLIMATOR┬« is a licensed property worldwide. We’re very happy to hear you want to use our logos, but please first read our Usage Guidelines as shown below. You must review our Terms of Use before using our trademarked images, which are explained in point form below.

Our images are free to share for non-commercial purposes, but must be accredited properly for all inclusive works.


If you wish to know more about this Kit, or wish to seek further licencing, please contact us at our main office.

Usage Guidelines

SUBLIMATOR┬« is glad to have many fantastic business relationships to share our images with. To keep things straightforward for both your designers and everyone’s customers, here are guidelines for using our branding across print, web and social media. The full terms can be found in our Terms of Use.

The SUBLIMATOR® logos cannot be unevenly distorted in final presentation or altered in any fashion, including opacity and contrast. SUBLIMATOR®, Stanley the SUBLIMATOR MONKEY®, and BEYOND VAPORIZATION® must be presented according to the original dimensions and colours. SUBLIMATOR® product images, promo images and social media content are also included in these terms.

Do not rebrand without our written consent. All trademarked images cannot be presented in any way that would misrepresent or harm the SUBLIMATOR® brand or imply false associations. Please note that all public distributions of SUBLIMATOR® content are regularly reviewed for the intent of accuracy in customer communication and patent protection.

All logos must also be displayed visibly and accurately where they appear. Logos in print or to-scale online format must be legible in all cases.

APPROXIMATE Minimum Widths (Height MUST be proportional):
SUBLIMATOR®: 2 inch / 5 cm
SUBLIMATOR MONKEY®: 0.5 inch / 1.25 cm
BEYOND VAPORIZATION®: 1.5 inch / 3.8 cm

Please Note: The provided vector for BEYOND VAPORIZATION® (below SUBLIMATOR® in the logo file) may not meet these guidelines in very small-scale formats, and will be reviewed on small format productions. It is recommended to use the second provided version (in the same file) for very small productions.

This Kit and its contents cannot be lawfully redistributed without written consent from SUBCULTURE Inc. If another business requests these files, please direct them here.

Want to use SUBLIMATOR┬« anywhere else? Get in touch with us at and tell us a bit about your plans. We’re very interested in collaboration and can help design a collaborative campaign depending on availability – let us know as far in advance as possible!


Media Kit Download

Thank you for working with SUBLIMATOR┬«. Our MEDIA KIT is currently not available for Download, but you didn’t read and click for nothing: Please contact us with your needs, we’ll be happy to help ASAP.

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