Reading the Scrolls

Legends say that the journey to gasification took several thousand years. Many civilizations rose and fell, and even before then, writings on cave walls hint at a history never uncovered until now. Today, we know of gasifying in one of its highest forms after relentless study, but it is only from these scrolls that we have gained the power to truly go BEYOND.

The Legends of SUBLIMATOR® inspire us with the memory that our passion can keep going beyond any expectation. What we once thought was the top is now just the beginning – thank you for being along for the journey!

Artist Rendition

We’re blessed to have Bob High record the secret history of SUBLIMATOR®. If you like his art, please let him know or check back soon for more news!


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The first origins of gasification - in the times of no technology, we controlled the fire.


The origins of gasification – the first primitive technology. Before the times of modern monkeys, our ancestors learned to control fire and channel the earth’s essence into a greater presence of mind, unknowingly exposing grand mysteries to their young minds and generations to come.

In the time of dragons, we learned to alchemize gases with magical efficiency.


In the time of dragons, the people learned to alchemize gases with magical efficiency. Stanley’s face first appears to his ancestors as a vision, emerging from a deep brew of herbs in a heated golden cauldron. Some believe this cauldron still exists, but we’re convinced it melted when these mystics tried to repeat their experiments. Indeed there were civilizations before civilization, but only a few residues remain to hint at these magical origins.

Stanley's people move forward to civilization, metal forging and beyond.


Stanley and his kin evolved further, befriended animals and cultured the land. It is thought that the herbs are some of the first to be farmed by Stanley’s people, and were gasified in metal alloy chambers while discussing philosophies found across their broadening world.

Some time passes. Monkey see, monkey do. What’d you think, a bunch of monkeys were inventing new things every year like we do?… Have you met a monkey?

Stanley's people in cultured society celebrating their best work.


The first signs of modern SubCulture appear after many millennia – this cultured society celebrates global innovation and individuality, passion and collaboration. Stanley’s here in many forms, and each of his people are dedicated to their own inspired visions.

Freedom and deep culture are explored in more modern SUBLIMATOR® times.


Music and freedom take the stage in a more modern time for Stanley. This Legend shows great revelry before the turn of the millennium, a bright SubCulture delighting in nature while pursuing the depths of peace and love.

Stanley arrives in today's times to deliver a message.


SUBLIMATOR® society today – amongst so many interests and lifestyles, gasification remains. With truth, passion and time, Stanley stands among his brethren to deliver a sworn message: Gasification for All!

7th Sublimator® Legend: THE BEYOND


Stanley’s people have already gone beyond our time, and soon we join them. His future engine is grandiose, ultimately efficient and beyond comprehension. The NEW DECADE IN SUBCULTURE here: Legends news coming soon!

Thank you for reading the SUBLIMATOR® Legends – we hope you’re excited as we are to see what’s next!