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Gasification is a unique patented effect perfected by rigorous R&D following a legendary eureka moment in early 2009. Gasification is the heart of every SUBLIMATOR┬« unit, producing an effervescent and amazingly effective gas out of even the most common herb and extracts (and it’s no joke: even chamomile and lavender do great in Subs).

The gasifying effect is achieved through the expansion and compression of gas molecules. The ATOMIZER component of every Sub fracks molecules apart into a more bio-available form, but precision in this design is key – the entire gasifying pathway must be at thermal equilibrium and achieve certain pressures across various points in the refinery process. The beautiful result is what we call gasification.

How does gasification go BEYOND VAPORIZATION®?

Gasification differs at a particle level: whereas vaporization produces uneven vapor molecules of concentrate or herb, SUBLIMATOR® refineries turn those molecules into their smaller forms to allow a faster-acting biochemical transfer through your respiratory system.
In other words, smaller particles = more absorption = greater effect!

The Sublimator Crews are thoroughly dedicated to a vision of a Sub in everyone’s hands. Going BEYOND is more than a product – #SubCulture is a niche across social media: ask any Subber if you should buy a SUBLIMATOR┬«, and we’re proud to know the answer isn’t something we told them to say.

What is a SUBLIMATOR®?

A Sub is one of our potent delivery systems capable of achieving gasification. They are refineries for herbs and concentrates that are unlike any other vaporizer. Though we are on the vaporizer market, we think you’ll see how we go BEYOND after you use our patented technology with your favorite flower.

A full SUBLIMATOR┬« comes in many forms, but the essential is: a SUB UNIT (ORION™, Apollo, etc), a GASIFICATION ATOMIZER, a HEATING CORE + HANDLE, a MONKEY CONTROLLER, and a POWER BRICK.

You may have seen Sub Glass + a metal base in a nearby lounge or elsewhere. These are the complete SUBLIMATOR® kits, which are making a comeback on SublimatorHQ shortly! SUBFlux is our new line of glass to go along the new and improved SUB Base 2020 (all fitted for 45mm glass)

Is this the official SUBLIMATOR® site?

The one and only. SUBLIMATOR┬« has migrated to a new domain to bring SUBCULTURE worldwide. We don’t own the .ca domain anymore, but our hope is that you’ll love the new SUBCULTURE headquarters!

There’s so many upcoming features for both SubCulture and our official site. We’ll let you know what’s up next on our mailing list if you’d like to sign up!

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Brand Questions

Where was SUBLIMATOR® for 3 years?!

The Sub Crew has been through a lot the past few years from problems outside our control, but we’re ready to take the market by storm once again. Embrace the process! SUBLIMATOR┬« is back in action with the original inventor Enrico at the wheel, who hasn’t spent a day without thinking and working on Sublimator.

What is SubCulture?

SubCulture is the worldwide community of SUBLIMATOR® enthusiasts, supporters, professionals and related businesses that we keep in touch with on the daily. Primarily on Instagram (official page), Enrico talks a little quick SUBLIMATOR® science and checks in on thousands of Subbers to spread the love and keep the train rolling!

Who is Stanley?

Stanley is our beloved mascot and icon – he has been witness to many great achievements in the SUBLIMATOR┬« Legacy and evolved in both body and mind from his origins as a squirrel monkey. Stanley the Monkey is our trademarked logo who blesses our products and packaging with his appearance, keeping a watchful eye over everything SUBLIMATOR┬«.

What are your official social media handles?

Turns out SUBLIMATOR is a popular name (and we might have had something to do with that!). Here’s our official pages:


Do you have a media kit?

Sure do – check out our Media Kit page for download links and trademark usage permissions. We’ve also got goodies for SubCulture in there like phone backgrounds!

Why are there so many ® Registered marks everywhere?

We hope you don’t mind too much – these marks are present in more places than legally necessary because a portion of our web content may be copied by our partners and retailers and we wish to ensure our branding stays consistent off-site.

Usage Questions

For detailed usage instructions, please visit our Downloads section.

What kinds of material can I use in my Sub?

All kinds of organic compounds that are safe for rapid heating and inhalation perform great with our refineries – however, certain materials may leave behind residues that will need cleaning. Always ensure your Sub is clean, at thermal equilibrium and calibrated for your chosen herb / extract, as unexpected results can happen when using new compounds otherwise.

How much herb fits into the ATOMIZER?

Approximately 0.1g – 0.2g of herb per use, producing a thick gas. Attempting to load much more can result in less gas per-milligram, or a clogged system.

And if you think 0.1g sounds like nothing, just try it: there’s a reason why SUBLIMATOR┬«’s been first place in several world-renown competitions!

How do I change timer settings?

The MONKEY CONTROLLER has a built-in ergonomic button – just press down the dial as you would to turn the unit on and check which timer LED is active.

Why can’t I disable the auto-off timer?

The MONKEY CONTROLLER’s timer cannot be disabled as a safety precaution due to certain extracts causing drowsiness and the Sub’s high operating temperature. The auto-off timer can be reset to 1, 2, or 3 hours by cycling through the timer settings with multiple dial presses.

What’s the difference between Stainless Steel and Titanium Subs?

To each Subber their own – each Sub metal has different physics and thus has slight changes in the final gas. The average user would likely need each kind side-by-side to tell, but Titanium is thought to result in a drier cloud than Steel. Surgical Steel (316) is also said to have a ‘fuller’ gas, which may be in part due to greater moisture content. We’d rather you hear it straight from #SubCulture!

The physical properties of the two metals are similar (though we’ll have a page for the science later!), but it should be noted that Stainless Steel can slightly more. We believe this does not have any impact on the quality of the metal, as it performs beautifully and will not cause issue if used properly.

Online Shop Questions

When can I pre-order X / Full Kit?

Items are being released ASAP – our early launch means we’re shipping items as they become available. If you’re looking for the full SUBLIMATOR┬« refinery, please stick around for our Full Sub Kits coming soon.

For an up-to-date resource on releases, please consider SUBScribing to our newsletter.

My SUB Order is pending payment?

You are able to create an order on Sublimator┬« HQ and pay for it within 24 hours. During this time it is pending payment – please use PAY in Orders Area of My Account or PAY FOR ORDER when reviewing the order page to move your order into processing, after which you will only need to wait for review & shipment!

When will I get my pre-ordered item(s)?

Pre-orders are fulfilled by standard First Come First Serve policy with additional rules specified on our pre-order pages. You will receive a notification about your position in our pre-order queues and be alerted to any major changes, such as moving up or down in shipment dates. Delivery dates may vary on location and selected delivery service.

If you have not received information regarding your PAID order, please contact our Shipping Office.

Do I have to be a certain age to order SUBLIMATOR® products?

Absolutely – you are expected and required to be of LEGAL ADULT AGE in your country to use Sublimator┬« content and products. If you believe a user is violating our Terms of Use or other policies that are in place, please Contact Us with detailed information.

What’s currently available for pre-order?

The Sublimator┬« HQ Shop is releasing new products and accessories from now till the end of time – we put products up for pre-order approximately 1-2 months before shipment, with some exclusions.

For an up-to-date resource on Sublimator information, please consider SUBScribing to our newsletter.

ORION™ Questions

What is the ORION™?

The ORION™ is the latest SUB UNIT with years of refinement built-in for an even better Subbing experience. It attaches to most SUBLIMATOR┬« HEATING CORE units and offers a chamber system that holds and captures concentrates better than ever.

This new system is inspired by years of Subbing and is the second 2-piece SUB UNIT, the other being the DABMASTER. The ORION™ offers new functionality by providing multiple chambers and a completely new carb cap, now titled the BELT COVER, which rotates to seal in your concentrates.

Does the ORION™ work on my Sub?

Most HEATING CORE units are compatible, especially the XLR models with the use of the new XLR Adapter. The ORION™ also fits onto older ATOMIZER units, but will perform (and heat up) best with the new GASIFICATION ATOMIZER, which has improved physics for gasifying and creates a better conduction bond with the ORION™.

Service Questions

How often should I clean my Sub?

Cleaning should be done whenever the ATOMIZER has visible residue in its main chamber around / under the screen, or in the main pathway. The gasification effect depends on a clean system. SUB UNIT heads will require cleaning after heavy concentrate use. Detailed cleaning tips coming soon!

General Info

Light Use: as needed
Moderate Use: Monthly full cleaning, periodic ATOMIZER cleaning
Heavy Use: Weekly full cleaning

My Sub isn’t gasifying. Is there any user maintenance I can do?

An unclean gasifying unenvironment is the #1 cause of unexpected behavior, and a thorough cleaning is always the second step of troubleshooting – the first is ensuring that all components are properly assembled and at the correct temperature.

We recommend being fully aware of your Warranty before attempting further maintenance – and the SUB Support Crew is happy to help you Keep On Subbin’!

Someone offered to repair my Sub. Are they an official SUB Tech?

SUB Techs and SUB Support are easy to identify by apparel and their SUB Crew Card – we’ll have an official page to validate any technicians soon. In the meantime, you’re welcome to ask us at support@sublimatorHQ.com or on social media. Keep in mind that any unofficial support may invalidate your Warranty.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Sublimator HQ and PlanetVape are the official locations for SUBLIMATOR® brand parts and accessories.

Naming Conventions: I bought a “Power Supply” but you’re selling a POWER BRICK?

Don’t worry, we’ve only updated our product names for better consistency. When we’re talking about a HEATING CORE, we also mean the “heating element,” the “Heating Device,” and so on. The fundamentals haven’t changed.

Please note that certain parts in the SUBLIMATOR┬« Legacy are no longer available through official sites and cannot be fully supported through SUB Support. We’re happy to help you identify parts if you send in pictures to support@sublimatorHQ.com

I lost my manual. Can I get a new one?

SUBLIMATOR┬« user manuals are created per-box to conserve paper. They’re also always available online in our Downloads section for easy access.