SUBLIMATOR® is the top brand for herbal refineries and gasification tech – and that’s not just a fancy word for vapor. Our systems have won first place in several competitions worldwide for outstanding flavour, efficiency, and innovation. it’s been quite a journey of going BEYOND VAPORIZATION® since the early whispers in 2008, and we’re back in action to keep going beyond 2020 with brand new developments. We’re proud to have a true SUBLIMATOR® Legacy filled with experiences, beloved products and an amazing SubCulture that keeps us going every single day.

As a leading product, our Subs have thousands of hours of testing and feedback leading to new creations such as the ORION™. They’re called ‘refineries’ for a reason: our patented gasification process redefines herb-based vaporization with an optimized thermal injection & pressure system for a complete herbal extraction followed by finely-tuned molecularization to result in a more bio-available gas. Our products are featured in lounges across the world and outperform nearly any commercial need, yet still make a wonderful addition to any individual’s lifestyle for per-gram efficiency and tasting of popular herbs and extracts.

The Origins of SUBLIMATOR®

The SUBLIMATOR® was founded in early 2008 in Quebec City, Canada after a legendary eureka moment brewed in legend. After 5 years of research and development, our first Herbal Gasifier launched in 2012. Since then, a whole range of Subs have been built and tested to beyond the satisfaction of thousands of customers worldwide. SUBLIMATOR® embraces the process of years of intense development into some of the best tech on the market: all our units are gasifying refineries for pure extractions of your favourite organic compounds, concentrates and oils. We are BEYOND VAPORIZATION®. Our crews have won several first place awards in European trade show tours and even more online:

Spannabis Barcelona, 2015
Best Product

Spannabis Malaga, 2015
1st Place Best Product

High Times Cannabis Cup 2014 Amsterdam
3rd Place Best PRODUCT COLLAB with ROOR

High Times Cannabis Cup 2014 Amsterdam
1st Place Best GLASS COLLAB with ROOR

Irun ExpoGrow 2014
1st Place Best Product

High Times Cannabis Cup 2013
3rd Place Best Product

We describe ourselves as BEYOND VAPORIZATION® for the unique gasifying effect our machines have. Each Sub’s atomization chamber balances at thermal equilibrium for heating organic compounds. When inhaling through the unit, a negatively-pressured swirling air passes over the flower and is immediately condensed and expanded in an energetic ‘molecularization’ effect which splits the gas into its unbonded molecules to be easier on the lungs + increase bio-availability.


During this extraction all essential oils and terpenes are extracted from the substance, skipping any secondary extraction process, and providing the purest flavour. We’ve worked with several teams to develop the most complex and desirable flavour profiles out of their plants, and the results have been nothing short of wonderful. If you’d like to join us in GOING BEYOND, please contact us at our main office.


While we’re always going BEYOND, we’re only able to do it because of past successes. We’re working on cataloguing all our previous units with manuals and details to preserve their operational integrity and value. If you have any submissions to make, please contact our main office with photos before mailing.

Our Legacy page is under construction while we collect artifacts and archives.


We talk about the science behind gasification in a visual format on our BEYOND page. It’s a great place to get started with SubCulture and see what’s made such a splash in the market!

Want to See Something Neat?

The SUBLIMATOR® Legacy goes deeper than you might think: the mythical legend of SUBLIMATOR® tracks back to times before civilization with secrets borne from alchemy and primal curiosity.

See how far back Stanley and his people go.